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Unkind – Stop People Pleasing

A friend calls in the middle of the night. They’re stranded on the other side of town. They not only need you to come to get them, but they also require you to go right now, out into the pouring rain, at 3:00 am.

What do you do?

If you’re a people pleaser, you have your coat on before you even hang up the phone. After all, it’s the nice thing to do. The problem comes when it’s not in your best interests to help out. What if it’s raining and you’ve been down with the flu? What if you don’t have enough gas in the car to do the favor and still get to work tomorrow?

What about the fact that you know full well that their sister lives three blocks from where they happen to be stranded and they only called you because they know you’re a pushover? Ask yourself, is it ever wrong to take care of yourself first? Let’s face it – sometimes you simply can’t afford to be ‘nice.’

From the time that we’re small, we’re told to share, and ‘be nice.’ We hear it so frequently that we become hard-wired to think of the needs of other people before we think of our own.

While it’s admirable to have an unselfish attitude, there’s a big difference between being ‘nice’ and people taking advantage of you. When we find that we’re going out of the way for others to our detriment, it becomes clear that something needs to change.

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