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Building a Positive Mindset

Thinking positive has many benefits. When you go from thinking negative thoughts, to ones of positivity, you change your inner chemistry.

Laughter truly is the best medicine if you are ill. In fact, one thing you can do to prevent illness, is to smile often and laugh as much as possible. When you laugh and smile, you release those happy chemicals which help ward off disease. Much of the physical pain we feel, like sore backs or aching necks, comes from constantly thinking of negative issues. The body reacts to your feelings and produces negative or positive feelings in the body. The choice is definitely yours.

In the Chinese art of acupuncture, they understand that stress and negativity will affect any area of your body that is physically weak. For example, if you have had a back issue before, negativity can aggravate that area. You don’t have to be totally negative for these issues to occur. Simply being a person who worries about unnecessary things, can be the stepping stone to pain.

By taking control of your thinking, you not only reap the mental rewards but the physical as well.



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Your Biggest Life Challenges

This eBook takes you through eight key steps to recover from lifes biggest challenges. 

1. Identify Crucial Challenges

2. Make Sense of Trauma

3. Accept What Is

4. Learn to Live Consiously

5. Focus on Here & Now

6. Take Care of Yourself

7. Seek & Share Support

8. Discover Your True Self

There is no better time than the present to recover from the challenges you have faced in your life. 

Pages: 60


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