Chasing the Tools of Success

by Peter Francis, PhD


If you landed on this page you too are a person chasing the tools of success. I welcome you to my journey and hope you find tools on InfoSrch that will get you closer to your definition of success. I love searching for great resources and product partners, and plan to continually add new resources to the site. In addition, I love writing and editing so be sure and check out my blog and weekly series.

I am proud of my PhD but it was quite a long journey. I failed out of college at 18 and didn’t go back until I was 30. Once I matured a little school came easy for me but it still took almost 10 years and a lot of push from a very supportive wife for me to finally get my doctorate degree. What I learned along the way is that learning comes in a lot of  different forms, and that the impact of a good quote can affect your progress as much as reading an entire book or taking a college class. I study as much now as I ever did in school. We all need to be lifelong learners.

I originally started InfoSrch as a corporate training company and worked with some great clients including American Express, AT&T, US Airforce, University of Georgia, Honeywell, and many others. My work as a Professor has changed my focus to helping as many people as I can improve their lives and fulfill their dreams.  I look forward to being part of your support system. Good luck as you move forward!

First the Fun Stuff

Poker for Fun and Profit

One of my favorite pastimes is playing poker. In addition to the competition and social nature of the game it is also a great training ground for decision making, emotional control, dealing with failure, and reading people. My biggest single win was just over $9,000 for a jackpot I won by losing to a better hand. Go figure! cool

Encounter with a Serial Killer

I was doing stand-up comedy in Phoenix and one of my fellow commedians offerred to have his brother come by and take headshots of the comedians for $25 each. About a year later he was convicted as a serial killer. So, I took a headshot from a serial killer and lived to tell about it. Absolutely true story.

Submarine Adventures

The highlight of my time in the Navy was going on the maiden voyage of a nuclear powered submarine when it went to 2,000 feet under the water for the first time. My job during the test was to look for leaks. Arghhh! On the same trip I got the chance to swim in the Bermuda Triangle. Both were a little scary but lots of fun.

Lots of College Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management
Capella University
Master of Business Administration
University of Phoenix
Bachelor of Business Operations
DeVry University

Giving Back

Canyon State Academy – Board of Directors Chair Emeritus for this non-profit home and school for 350 at risk boys located on a 173-acre campus in Queen Creek, Arizona. Was responsible for the oversight and management of $5,000,000 of annual revenue. In addition, initiated and had oversight of capital projects including a major refurbishment of the baseball field and gymnasium, installation of an Olympic sized swimming pool, construction and refurbishment of dormitories, upgrading of school library and installation of a new technology center. Finally, built and oversaw a $1,000,000 emergency fund for the school. I served on the board for nine years.

My Professional Journey

Sr. Director of Academic Operations

Reporting to the Chief Academic Officer integrates and manages academic operations for online education including carrying out global initiatives for data management, competitive and industry analysis, faculty load balancing, and academic integrity. Current major project includes the management of a team of Instructional Designers in the build out of an Undergrad Business Programs at a major national online university.

Professor & Dean of Online Learning

Under the direction of the Chief Academic Officer manage and implement online program development and expansion, as well as innovative digital learning initiatives – nationally and internationally. In addition, responsible for the development and implementation of objectives, policies and procedures associated with the operation of online learning. Manage faculty workloads, assignments, and assessment of personnel and all vendors affiliated with the online programs. 

Program Development Manager

Responsible for the overall quality, continuity, and relevance of six undergraduate and three graduate business programs including over 60 courses and 10,500 students. Managed a staff of five professionals and collaborated with internal and external subject matter experts to ensure that courses include high quality learning resources, were engaging, and included the rigor required by each program. One major initiative included shifting away from traditional textbooks to more open source learning resources.

Director of Marketing & Business Intelligence

Supervising two staffers was responsible for all analysis, planning, and creative activities associated with branding and marketing the firm to a nationwide legal market. Managed a $550,000 marketing budget of with primary activities including: branding, trade shows, print advertising, product collateral, executive speeches, article placement, and website development. Communications activities included writing articles, white papers, press releases, CEO speeches, and website content.