6 Steps to Help You Reach your True Potential

Our society is deeply attached to doing. Everywhere we look, we’re told we need to improve, and that can take its toll. We can start to focus so much on reaching goals and taking action steps that we lose sight of how wonderful we already are – that the potential we are striving for is already within us, just waiting to be allowed to come out. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the doing involved in setting goals and making action plans, try these simple tips to access the potential that is already a part of you.

  1. Own your perfection – right now you are where you are supposed to be. You are who you are meant to be in this moment. That’s not to say you can’t reach greater heights or that you shouldn’t attempt to. But it allows you to cut yourself some slack and appreciate how far you’ve already come.
  2. Consciously choose potential – the only real way to make a change in your life is to do so in a focused, conscious way. You need to commit to a change and act upon it with delight. 
  3. Focus on growing – don’t fall into the self-improvement trap that in essence tells you that you aren’t good enough (see tip #1). Instead of hating where you are, focus on growing your excellence. This switch in mindset makes all the difference to your happiness and the ability to reach your goals.
  4. Do set goals – Trusting you are good enough doesn’t need to preclude you from desiring more growth towards your innate potential. It does allow you to do so in a more balanced way. Set attainable goals for yourself that make you feel inspired rather than defeated. 
  5. Chose one goal to work towards – once you have a set of goals, chose one to work on first. Attempting to change too much at once often leads to achieving nothing because there’s no focus. 
  6. Use shortterm goals too – while it’s great to have long-term goals you want to achieve, don’t overlook the benefits of short-term goals too. If you focus only on where you want to be in 10 years, it’s going to be hard to keep up the constant effort. Instead, set short-term goals that eventually lead to the achievement of the long-term one. Use these benchmarks to celebrate your success and acknowledge that you are making headway.

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