10 Keys to Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset

1. Positivity. Nurturing the ability see the best in any situation. Turning issues into challenges and opportunity for growth. One of the most powerful methods of increasing positivity is expressing gratitude. Figure out what you consider to be positive in your life already, whether it’s your family, health, or any other successes and say a quick ‘thanks’ a few times a day. Keeping a list of these points will help you remember what you’re working for.

2. Learning from Failure. Being able to take a step back from experiences that didn’t go to plan, and understanding how to avoid making the same mistake again. Go back and re-evaluate every step of what it was that didn’t work out, from preparation to execution. Try and take an objective view of the situation, or ask someone else for their perspective. Making a note of the bits that didn’t go to plan will help you to prepare for them in the future.

3. Perseverance. Keeping goals in mind and working towards them, against all odds. The key to perseverance is maintaining vision. Remember what you’re working towards and keep that as your main focus. Even if some of the smaller steps towards your goal don’t work out, keeping the end goal in mind will push you forward.

4. Delegating to Others. Knowing when to give others the opportunity to take something off your hands, and the realizing the right person for the job. The most important part of delegation is clarity. When you pass work on to someone else, make sure you’ve clearly outlined the objectives, constraints, deadlines and anything else you think is important. This process will also bring any other key influential factors to your attention before they get in the way.

5. A Love of Learning. Nurturing a need to develop your skills, beliefs and knowledge through a variety of methods. If you’re lacking in a desire to learn new things, try to focus on what it was that drove you as a child. Perhaps you spent more time creating or outside playing. Start implementing those childhood motivations into your daily routine wherever you can to encourage your mind to open a little and look for inspiration.

6. Intuition. The ability to listen to your subconscious and to understand what’s really driving you when it really matters. Intuition is not an easy thing to learn. The best place to start is to identify your core beliefs. Write them down and keep them at the forefront of your mind when you’re making decisions or at important points in your day. You’ll find the things that are most important to you will push you in the right direction.

7. Follow-Through. Taking the time to reach out to others and maintain connections, as well as building on relationships. Set aside some time each day to focus on follow-through. This means sending emails, making phone calls or meeting face-to-face with clients, partners, or other important people. If you allocate time each day to get this done it will soon become an essential part of your routine.

8. Flexibility. The ability to make alternative plans when issues arise in the most effective way possible. Flexibility is another difficult skill to actually teach yourself. In order to be flexible, you need to make planning your top priority. Prepare for issues to arise and create contingency plans to work around them in the instance that they do.

9. Non-Conformance. Knowing when to adhere to your own principles instead of beliefs or limitations that have been impressed on you. You need to once again return to your core beliefs to achieve effective non-conformity. Focus on what really matters to you and develop the confidence to work towards that, especially when it means going against the grain. Push yourself to step up and disagree when something doesn’t cohere to what you think is right.

10. Goal Setting. Maintaining a vision or ‘End Game’ to work towards and remain driven to achieve. Having a clear idea of what your goals are will help you with every other trait mentioned here so make identifying them a top priority. Write down your long-term goals, and the short-term goals you need to achieve in order to reach them. Then write them down again. And again. And keep going…



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