The Process Is Simple But Powerful

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Initial Conversation

The first step in my process is for us to have a conversation about your project and how we might be able to work together. It is helpful if you fill out the project inquiry form first to add context to our discussion. During our meeting we will talk about the project itself, your needs, my availability, expectations for each other, and payment options. There is never a charge for an initial project consultation, and of course no obligation. I look forward to hearing about your project.

Defining the Project

Every project is unique and can include a wide variety of resources and deliverables. Resources may include articles by seminal authors, foundational articles to introduce or support theories / frameworks, articles that support two sides of issue for compare and contrast, or the very latest in thinking on a give topic. In addition, if you are working on course work it is not unusual to need statistics, demographics, case studies, etc. Another important aspect of project definition is the type and timing of deliverables. Project outcomes vary based on the requirements of the project, and this will be a key part of the discussion. My promise is that your project will come in on time, in budget, and as promised.

Project Execution

The scope of the project we are involved in will dictate the level of communication and feedback required. The key is that we settle into a working relationship that works for both of us. That is why it is important to start with a well defined project that includes regular updates and adjustments if necessary. Inevitably the identification of resources help to more clearly define the material you will need to make your project success. However, we don’t want any wasted time or effort during the process so effective communication and collaboration are key maximizing productivity.

Project Delivery

Major research is a process that is both iterative and evolutionary. It is not unusual for you and your mentor to redefine portions of the project as it evolves. Consequently, substantive project are generally delivered in stages to allow you to make adjustments to your research request. For example, you may think you will need 20 journal articles on managing a virtual workforce, and find after eight are identified that you have everything you need. You can then apply that part of your budget to another part of your project that might need extra attention. My goal is for you to get as much value out of your research budget as possible. So, we will agree on the timing and levels of delivery that works best for your project.

Additional Support if Needed

My favorite saying during my dissertation process was, “Will this madness ever end?” There were push backs, calls for changes, requests for additional resources, redirection, and a fair amount of bourbon. So, until you get the final signature on your document there may well be a need for us to extend our relationship. No problem! Just let me know what it is you need and I will do what I can to help. I won’t write or edit your papers, but am a great asset in the area of conceptualization and preparation for the presentation of research plan, and the defense of a dissertation or thesis. Those are events where you want to show strength and professionalism. I can help with that!


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