Value Based Pricing

Maximum Flexibility


How it Works

InfoSrch uses a simple value based pricing model that allow you the maximum flexibility and control of how your investment is applied throughout the duration of your project. All activities are billed on an hourly basis whether it is consultation, research, report development, bibliography development, etc. Funds that you submit convert directly to hours of time in your account. Each time an hour of effort is expended on behalf of your project, no matter what the activity is, an hour is deducted from your time bank. You have the ability to save up to 33% on those hours by buying your time in blocks.

Here are some examples of how you can get the most out of your investment. If you prefer to pull your own articles and only want a list of journal articles identified that you can work with that is possible. If you don’t have time screen large numbers of articles and would like them pre-screened and highlighted to speed up your analysis process that it possible. If you already have a core group of articles and want a list of articles that can support their main points that is possible. So, we will work together to decide how my time can best support your project, and how time you want to use from your time bank on any given activity. I will give you my recommendations, but at the end of the day you are in control of how your time bank is used.

The Details

1. There is never a fee charged for consultation about a new project.
2. Payment establishes a bank of time that is drawn from as your project progresses.
3. When time is applied to a project it is calculated to the nearest quarter hour.
4. A detailed log of hour your time bank was applied will be transmitted regularly.
5. Time can be purchased on an hourly basis or in blocks of time.
6. Hourly rate is $75 / 10 hour package is $600 / 20 hour package is $1,000.
7. All fees are paid in advance of work being performed.
8. After submitting a project inquiry we will have a call to confirm detail and expectations.
9. If this is your first project please do not submit payment prior to discussing the project with me.


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